Solar Installations

Photovoltaics turn the power of the sun directly into electricity.

The concept was discovered as far back as 1876, although really only became a reality in 1953 when Gerald Pearson an empirical physicist at Bell Laboratories made a solar cell that was far more efficient than the original solar cells made from selenium.

The cost at this time was almost $300 per watt. This limited usage to remote telecoms installations and other specialised fields. The 1950’s and 1960’s saw the use of solar in space. It was the 1970’s however when PV’s really took off on earth with technological improvements and the reduction in cost from around $200/W to around $20/W. In 2014 are $1 per W or less.

In the last few years prices of PV’s have fallen dramatically, making PV’s look like a good investment for home and industry to power their own demands and export spare power to the power grid.

West Wales Renewable Energy can provide competitive quotations for most types of photovoltaic systems both domestic and commercial.  We also have an extensive experience of ‘Off Grid’ installation. We can provide power at locations which are beyond an economic connection to the electricity grid.  PV systems have no moving parts and normally run trouble free for years with minimal maintance.

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